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Environmental education is one of the most useful tools in the effective conservation of the natural environment, and is therefore also a cornerstone of MOm’s activities. MOm carries out environmental education activities throughout Greece with a special focus on coastal and insular areas. The goal is to educate school children, our future generation, about the critically endangered status of the Mediterranean monk seal and its habitat and how they can become active in their protection. This is done by challenging their learning process and their critical thinking. The environmental education programs of MOm have been officially approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Education and have been attended so far by more than 250,000 school children in the country.

Furthermore, each year MOm carries out during the summer months the environmental program “The school of the monk seal”. At the Information Center of MOm at the island of Alonissos young children learn about environmental protection through a variety of interactive activities, such as theatrical plays, treasure hunts etc. The Environmental Center has also a children’s library with more than 1,300 different books.

Acknowledging the increasing role of the internet in the education process, MOm has also developed several educational websites:

• This is the main environmental education website of MOm, containing information about the Mediterranean monk seal and the environmental education material of MOm. The target group of the site are school children but also teachers seeking to enrich their curriculum with information regarding the protection of the Mediterranean monk seal and the marine environment in general.

• This website was created within the framework of the European program Life “Thalassa” and contains information regarding the marine mammals in Greece, the threats they face and ways to help save them.

• This is the educational outlet of the project MOFI that was carried out by MOm in 2006 - 2009 throughout coastal and insular Greece with the aim of mitigating monk seal – fishery conflicts. This website contains a link to a book on sustainable fisheries.

If you want to learn more about the environmental education programs of MOm, please contact MOm by phone at +30 210  5222888 or by email at

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