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MOm’s corporate partners program was established in order to create partnerships with companies and effectively address environmental degradation. MOm’s partnership with the private business sector is based on the mutual respect of both, the organizations’ and the companies’ principals.


The goal is to partner with companies that wish to adopt the role of an Active Corporate Citizen:

  • By including in their corporate action and philosophy, programs for the protection of the environment, both internally (i.e., employees) and externally (i.e., clients, users) and

  • Through the development of a partnership with MOm, aiming to study and protect the Mediterranean monk seal, Europe’s most endangered marine mammal.

In the context of Corporate Responsibility, a number of companies support the mission of MOm:


Blue Planet has supported the mission of MOm in various ways: It has funded MOm’s initiative for the protection of Cetaceans in Greece and the design of the National Strategy and Action Plan for Cetaceans. It has also provided financial support for the implementation of the European LIFE project “Thalassa: Learn, Act, Protect”, the organization of the Northern Aegean Dolphin Project, and the creation of MOm’s former Monk Seal Rehabilitation Center at the island of Alonissos.


Hellenic Seaways and Blue Star Ferries are constantly at our side, offering MOm's researchers the ability to freely travel the Greek seas. The two companies offer a "marine highway" for the mediterranean monk seals, helping MOm to get one step closer to its goals, the protection of the environment through the conservation of the most endangered marine mammal of Europe, the mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus.

The Attica Zoological Park is the only zoo in Greece, receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors of all ages annually.  Since 2014 it has housed the Monk seal Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Center, covering a significant part of its operational costs.

In 2012 GLASSART designed, built and donated part of the construction of MOm’s first aid station in Athens.

Sklavenitis offers super market supplies to MOm since 2008, thus covering an important part of MOm’s standard operational costs.

CREAM advertising agency, with its alternative, fresh and creative ideas supports and enriches MOm’s awareness and sensitization actions since 2003.

The Athens Animal Hospital supports the Rescue and Rehabilitation Program of MOm, by providing for free all the necessary laboratory exams required for the diagnosis and treatment of orphaned and injured monk seals.

The Acquario di Genova is Italy’s biggest aquarium and one of the biggest in Europe. It welcomes 1,2 million visitors annually, who get the chance to learn about the endangered status of the Mediterranean monk seal and the mission of MOm through the information stands that have been placed in the aquarium. Through this action the Aquario di Genova financially supports the Rescue and Rehabilitation Program of MOm.

The telecommunication company WIND provided discount services to MOm, while it has, in the past, financially supported the operation of MOm’s Information Center at the islands of Alonissos and Kimolos, the public awareness and sensitization program at the island of Alonissos and the environmental education programs at the Cyclades Islands.

Panos Boats & Trips Logo final-01_edited

Panos Boats & Tours, based in Paxoi, an important area for the distribution of the species, assists MOm by adopting a mediterranean monk seal named "Elpida", by providing their services to cover our travelling needs, as well as contribute to the recording of monk seals in the region during their time at sea.

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