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Renew your membership for 25€ a year. By continuing to support the mission of MOm you will:

• Receive your renewed membership card via email

• Receive information material from MOm.
• Receive a 10% reduction when purchasing the souvenirs of MOm.
• Have priority when participating in the volunteer programs of MOm.


How to become a member and pay for the membership:

• Fill in your contact details in the digital form attached below and select one of the payment options, or

• Send us an email with your details at along with a receipt from your bank after you deposit the amount of 25€. Any bank transfer fees are covered by the sender. Bank details are below:

- National Bank of Greece: IBAN GR3101100400000004063594503
- Piraeus Bank of Greece: IBAN GR6101720110005011036737247

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