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A very important workshop was held last Saturday 24-2-2024 in Cyprus for the protection of the Mediterranean monk seal in the the country. The workshop, organised by the Municipality of Pegeia under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, kindly hosted by the Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort and the CEO of Korantina Homes, Mr. Giorgos Ioannou, presented the very positive results of the efforts to protect the Mediterranean monk seal in Cyprus and the area of the Municipality of Pegeia.


The event was honoured with the presence of the Minister herself, Dr. Maria Panagiotou, the Mayor of Pegeia, Mr. Marinos Lambrou, as well as a number of representatives of local institutions and residents of the area. The main speakers were the President of MOm Dr. Panagiotis Dendrinos and the Ministry's experts on the subject Mr. Haris Nikolaou, Ms. Melina Markou and Mr. Ioannis Ioannou. The data so far clearly shows that the recovery of the Mediterranean monk seal in Cyprus is a fact. The whole effort now seems to be an excellent example of how, when there is effective cooperation between the competent authorities, the local community, local entrepreneurs and expert scientists, a rare marine mammal can co-exist harmoniously with humans and properly planned and respected local development.


We at MOm are very satisfied with the results achieved so far, as through our excellent and long-standing cooperation with the Ministry's experts we are implementing specific measures and proposals for the protection of seals in Cyprus. Of course, the effort must be continuous as much more needs to be done to ensure the protection of the species in the long term.

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