The chances of saving the endangered Mediterranean monk seal increase when there are people out there who really care!

Your contribution through the symbolic Mediterranean monk seal adoption program of MOm will contribute towards covering the costs of:

• The rehabilitation of wounded, sick and orphan seals, so that they can be returned to their natural environment.
• The operation of the Rescue and Information Network (RINT). 

For a species that is threatened by extinction, the survival of each single individual is of utmost importance!

Mediterranean monk seals for adoption


Little Ionas was found orphaned in the middle of autumn on a beach in Mykonos, clearly exhausted and showing signs of dehydration and anemia. Thanks to the immediate response of MOm and locals who helped with his transfer, little Ionas, after 114 days in MOm’s First Aid Station in the Attica Zoological Park, was released in the core of the National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades and the first signs are rather encouraging, since he has already started to explore his surroundings and to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Park.


Little "Bill", as we named him, has been staying in MOm's First Aid Station in Spata. Bill, who is about 3 weeks old, was found orphaned on a beach of Chalkidiki and the first tests showed that he was anemic due to the many days he had spent without food. We decided to name him Bill as a tribute to the recently deceased Bill Johnson, a friend of MOm and a pioneer in the efforts to protect the Mediterranean monk seal in Greece. That way sorrow would be replaced by hope for life. The little seal is responding to his treatment very positively and we wish that he will be fine and ready to return to his beloved Aegean very soon.


Andriana was found orphaned and in a poor state, at Skopelos' Velanio beach on November 15th by a local resident. Next evening, and after a longue voyage, she was transported to MOm's Mediterranean Monk Seal First Aid Station at Spata Attica. The initial veterinary tests showed that the newborn pup was in critical condition, dehydrated, malnourished and with symptoms of a respiratory infection. Andriana is one of the youngest and most weakened monk seal pups that has been admitted to MOm's Rehabilitation Programme. Her treatment aims at releasing her healthy back to her natural environment, after its completion in approximately five months. 


The three month old “Fokionas” was found at the island of Syros on the 16 of February 2012. He was very weak and dehydrated therefore he was transferred to MOm’s Rehabilitation Centre in Alonissos. On Saturday, April the 7th 2012, after almost two months in the Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, a healthy and strong “Fokionas” was released in to the National Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades!


Nireas is a young Mediterranean monk seal who was found at "Feloti" beach on Kythira Island. He was stranded for a week before being transferred to MOm's Rehabilitation Centre in Alonissos. After 5 weeks in MOm’s Monk Seal Rehabilitation Center in Alonnisos, a healthy Nireas weighing in at 50 kilos, was ready to return to the sea. Saturday March 19th, 2011 marked the beginning of Nireas travels throughout Greek seas, starting with in the National Marine Park of Alonissos, Northern Sporades. He said goodbye with a great dive into the sea.


The 10 day new born female pup, Nefeli, was found orphaned and stranded at the beautiful beach of Assos in Kefalonia island on the 14th of October 2009. Thanks to local residents’ sensitivity as well as to the contribution of MOm’s local supporters, Nefeli was transferred in the Rehabilitation Centre of MOm at Steni Vala, Alonissos where MOm’s specialized rehabilitation team put her in an intensive veterinary therapy and rehabilitation program. After 3,5 months Nefeli was ready to return to her natural environment, the sea! From the 30th of January 2010 Nefeli swims free and healthy again.


The first newborn during the reproductive period in 2007. MOm’s researchers found Katerina in a cave at Kimolos while she was still with the umbilical cord attached.


Robby was born in November 2006 at Fiscardo, Kefalonia. He took his name after the world windsurfing championship Robby Nash, while he adores playing with waves. His tiny shape does not prevent him from being one of the most energetic monk seals we have ever met.


Her story traveled around the world as being the first monk seal pup born on live camera ever. Automatic infrared cameras captured exclusive moments of the birth and also the very first moments of the pup interacting with her mother. 


The orphan monk seal that traveled around the world just by her story. She was found struggling with huge waves in October 2007 in Tinos Island. Thanks to a woman’s strength, who shares the same name as Victoria, the female seal is now swimming safe in the Aegean Sea. Victoria was for 5 months in MOm’s Rehabilitation Center and her news were often a subject from the Times to the German Spiegel.

Name your own monk seal pup!

The young monk seal pups of the 2017 reproductive season are already on the way and are waiting to be named!

By adopting a monk seal now, you will be given the chance to baptize them using your own name! While following the adoption procedure, at the adoption form, choose "New pup" and the next monk seal pup MOm's team finds, will be named after you!

Along with the adoption you will receive an adoption certificate, a proof of adoption, a large sized picture of your seal, a DVD from the treatment procedure of MOm and a monk seal pup teddy! A strict time-sensitive priority order will be kept, so hurry up!!!

By adopting a seal, you offer your help in the research, rescue and treatment actions of MOm.


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